Strange-Days in Strange-Ways (Kickstarter Fund)


How would you like your name on the credits or even a background part in a new Manchester/Salford film starring Shaun Ryder, Bez, Clint Boon, John Cooper Clarke, Tom Hingley, Dave Spikey, Rick Witter, John Robb, Terry Christian, Neil Bell (Dead Mans Shoes) Mike Garry plus many many more……

We have all been slogging our guts out to get this film made and have been overwhelmed by the support of all the famous faces that appear in the film. The film as it stands at the moment is brilliant! It’s gritty, very Northern, and absolutely hilarious and we can’t wait to share it with the world. We’ve been working on this film now for two years whilst juggling our various different day jobs. We’re just a bunch of working class lads with a great project on our hands and are so excited to share it with everyone we just need that financial support for the final push to the finishing line. 80% of the film is complete and has been funded out of our own pockets but it’s now reached that critical stage where we’re on the cusp of finishing it but can’t afford the time and equipment to get it done as the project has finally rinsed us dry. All the final scenes have been written and locations sought out, everyones cast and ready to go, we just need money to take the time to complete it with the right equipment to make the film look how it deserves to look. There’s the post production side of things, promo and organising the premiere (which by the way will be the event of the year in Manchester…one hot ticket!). So come on, be a part of something cool, be an outcast, be a Rum Bastard and help us out 🙂 Here’s a link to our Facebook page:

You can also find us on twitter too – @LowGeese

Risks and challenges

There are no risks in the completion of this film. It’s all written & produced to suit our means, a super doable number if you like. There’s no speed boat chases, no talking dinosaurs and the only ‘explosion’ in the film is a kettle blowing a fuse and that was accidental! This is punk rock with a very Mancunian can do attitude and we’re more than ready to give this fantastic project it’s final push. The only challenges we face are financial…it’s as simple as that. So please join us and help us finish this film.

More info on the kickstarter fund via this link



Strangways poster lower

About JB Barrington

The words & verse of JB Barrington; performance poet from Salford. Lovely stuff, touches heart strings and the odd raw nerve - Johnny Vegas Great poems; great delivery - Terry Christian A warm charm, a rapier wit and a real appreciation of words - Louder Than War
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