Happy and The Day I Met You (2 poems for Valentines Day)

For Sharon………..

I used to sit and wonder just where I would be
And whether that where was where I’d be happy
I’d have froze in a stare with my gob open wide
If I was shown a future with you by my side
I’d have said ‘Its a wind up you’re taking the piss
I’ve no chance with someone as beautiful as this’
But the where that I wondered about for so long
Is where I am now with a love that’s so strong
And where ever you go is where I’ll always be
Cos you’re the reason this boy finally found his happy.

The Day I Met You
My fears my doubts and pent up frustration
The years of pessimistic apprehension
My afflictions my anguish my fret and my wounds
Vanished the day I met you

My misery and misgivings my angst and my tears
My despair and don’t care my growls and my sneers
My distress my disquiet my dark lonely mood
Vanished the day I met you

My gloomy my grim and my lonely isolation
My moaning my moping my sense of degradation
My pain and my sadness my bleak and my blue
Vanished the day I met you

My cheerful my chirpy my joyous jubilation
My merry my jolly my loud celebration
My glad and my glee and my wit and my woo
All came the day i met you

Now I embrace today and look forward to tomorrow
I feel true love and never feel any sorrow
The mornings are bright with the light you bring through
Ever since the day I met you


© JB Barrington (words escape me)

About JB Barrington

The words & verse of JB Barrington; performance poet from Salford. Lovely stuff, touches heart strings and the odd raw nerve - Johnny Vegas Great poems; great delivery - Terry Christian A warm charm, a rapier wit and a real appreciation of words - Louder Than War
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