Don’t Look Down

When you focus in and concentrate
On those across the street
When you’re quick to cast aspersions
On the vulnerable and weak
And when someones tongue just don’t belong
To the language that you speak
When you feed off greed and believe what you read
Then grin yourself to sleep

When you carry round those leeches
Like golden chains around your feet
When you wave a flag then make a call
To shop a social cheat
When your nose is turned at those
With dog and blanket and beer can
I’ll be venting my spleen at the killing machine
And not the downbeat poorer man

And when your tv shows where tens of thousands died
You’ll bitch and whinge about those who smoke cigarettes and takes their kids to school in taxi rides

When your views are cast upon the ones
Who fall down on their luck
When your furrowed frown has you looking down
When you really should be looking up
Up towards the ones that take the most away from you
And not towards the ones beneath
Who are simply making do


© words escape me 2012

About JB Barrington

The words & verse of JB Barrington; performance poet from Salford. Lovely stuff, touches heart strings and the odd raw nerve - Johnny Vegas Great poems; great delivery - Terry Christian A warm charm, a rapier wit and a real appreciation of words - Louder Than War
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2 Responses to Don’t Look Down

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  2. dannimcgarry says:

    Reblogged this on Left Book Club and commented:
    Refreshing read from JB Barrington after seeing so many ignorant comments largely influenced by c5 propaganda ‘Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole’.

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