Mam what’s for tea
Please can i have 50p
For some packs of Panini football stickers
Mam can i have a quid
There’s this lad that knows our kid
He’s selling the tags that go on the laces of ya Kickers
Mam I’ve hurt my knee
Please can i have 40p
For a jubbly and some space dust from Rafiqs
Mam my report’s really bad
Can you hide it from my dad
I don’t wanna be kept in for weeks and weeks
Mam have you got a pound
Until i get paid off my paper round
Can i use the phone to make a very quick call
Mam can i have some grub
Before i go to the Friday Club
Will you pass me my jacket over the garden wall
Mam will you take me to town
For them Adidas in dark brown
The ones I saw in Hurleys window in Piccadilly
Mam it’s alright don’t worry
I’ve saved up half the money
If you put the rest to my Dad won’t say owt will he?
Mam have you washed my jeans
Can i have 3 toast with my beans
And is it alright to open that Arctic Roll
Mam I’m sorry to myther
Can you borrow me a fiver
Sorry ‘lend’ i’ll give it ya back when i get me dole
Mam you’re my best mate
I’ll vault that garden gate
And run to your door to see you my favourite girl
Mam you make me smile
You make all the shit worthwhile
You’re my hero and you’re the best thing in the worldImage

About JB Barrington

The words & verse of JB Barrington; performance poet from Salford. Lovely stuff, touches heart strings and the odd raw nerve - Johnny Vegas Great poems; great delivery - Terry Christian A warm charm, a rapier wit and a real appreciation of words - Louder Than War
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