When The World Was Young (and so was I)


That dance that glance
that suedehead stance
Them 2 tone covered ska tracks
them union flags
them bald scumbags
that culture that was hijacked
that toothless Jerry
that white Fred Perry
them blunt end skinny ties
those boots and braces
them shiny faces
when the world was young and so was I

That punch in Manny
that finger that fanny
that mad twat on our estate
those pots and pans
and that Lanky mans
mad wife at the garden gate
that council flat
that cricket bat
them beers under bright blue sky
them Farnworth fights
them City Lites
when the world was young and so was I

That slag that blag
that three card bragg
that borrow ’til fridays pay day
them Chino slacks
them five pound jacks
those taxi runners round our way
that pulled out knife
that taken life
that scream in the night that cry
them wedge cut flickers
those tags on Kickers
when the world was young and so was I

Them play awaydays
those overnight stays
those Head bags full of Adidas
them second prize scars
them credit cards
and Mams that would believe us
them chippy teas
sat on settees
that love no money could buy
that smokers wheeze
those fives and threes
when the world was young and so was I

Them marching feet
in Borg elite
that crescendoing terrace cheer
them goals that missed
that first sweet kiss
them spokes to get first gear
them tooled up mobs
them mouthy gobs
that well deserved black eye
them scuffs and scrapes
those lucky escapes
when the world was young and so was I

© words escape me 2013

About JB Barrington

The words & verse of JB Barrington; performance poet from Salford. Lovely stuff, touches heart strings and the odd raw nerve - Johnny Vegas Great poems; great delivery - Terry Christian A warm charm, a rapier wit and a real appreciation of words - Louder Than War
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7 Responses to When The World Was Young (and so was I)

  1. gary bird says:

    keep up the good work young man !!

  2. Alan Woodray says:

    Brilliant.That’s it.That’s what it was like.Spot on.Love it!captures them years gone by.

  3. Bernie Wright says:

    Well what can I say! such a talent, words ever so true and most definitely from the heart. I felt myself (as a salford girl) there with you, you’re best friend and his mum with all the torment but happy times as well – growing up and living in Salford. I am so going to keep my eye on you and your amazing true poems of sheer happiness, sadness, real life and salt of the earth Salford people in times gone by – but! how sad, that it took me from a most disappointing story of a young girl being turned away from her prom on the Salford Star website to get a link to your poems, but it gives me great hope that we have the new generations standing up for themselves, having a voice, looking out for each other. Friendship like you and your mate continues to grow in times gone by no matter what century us Salford people are in. Your poems are such an inspiration and so from the heart.

  4. Neil Pestell says:

    Makes you forget the 20 odd years between then and now.

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