JB Barrington – Woodchip Anaglypta & Nicotined Artex Ceilings

JB Barringtons book ‘Woodchip Anaglypta & Nicotined Artex Ceilings’ is now SOLD OUT

JBs new book will be out in 2019


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JB Barrington Handwritten Poems

Choose any of JBs poems and have your own handwritten version, signed and personalised with a message of your choice.

Each poem will be handwritten making it a unique one off on high quality graded A4 paper ready to frame. Personalised with a message of your choice, should you require one, & each handwritten poem will be signed and dated by JB.

The above handwritten poems are £20 each inc p&p. To purchse simply use the 100% safe and secure Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button below. When you go through to checkout please enter the name of the poem you would like and also, if required, provide details of the personalised messsage you would like in the box that says ‘message to seller’

Buy Now Button

Below are just some examples of JBs handwritten poems from previous happy customers

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Dont Look Down

Before you blame the fruit down on the ground you should first look up at the tree it fell from; the poor didn’t create poverty

JB Barrington


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Tomorrow is a beautiful day….

Tomorrow is a beautiful day; if you don’t believe me ask someone who’s not gonna see it

JB Barrington

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I’m coming back to Festival N°6

Honoured to be invited back to Festival N06 this year after performing to a fantastic audience on the Estuary Stage last year. This time I’m performing on the Sunday at Tim Burgess’s ‘Tim Peaks Diner’ at the Dome Gallery. Be sure to come along, heckle and say hello. JBIMG_20160407_190331

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JB at Festivals 2016 – Kendal Calling & Festival No6

Catch me on the main stage at Kendal Calling Thursday 28th July then the Carvetti Stage on the Friday. I’m also performing as part of Tim Burgess’s Tim Peaks Diner at Festival No6 in September


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JB & Shakespeare an’ that

So, I was asked by BBC Radio Manchester to write a poem for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare, William Shakespeare that is (obviously) or just Bill to those still living that knew him well (and there’s a few…or so it would seem)… anyway, the BBC wanted a modern day version of a Shakespeare classic…..and they asked me!!! Now I’m sure you can imagine my initial response once I’d pick myself up off the floor …..Shakespeare?? Me?? Have you got the wrong number?? I’m the fella that still gets the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet confused with Rapunzel (true dat) ….. but yes, they wanted me to re-write one of Shakespeare’s well known pieces……. so…. i did it, i really did it…i re-wrote a scene from Romeo & Juliet in a Salford/Manchester styleee bringing up to date (or summat).
So I’m off to Salfords BBC Media City this Thursday to film the poem which you’ll get to hear/see very soon. I do hope you like it….. I’m sure Bill will

Click the link below to hear/view the finished poem…. enjoy

Red Romeo & Blue Julie



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